ABCs for Empowering Kids™

These Three Keys End Yelling, Demands, Disrespect, and Worries So You Can Have Peace of Mind and Happier Kids


Do you ever worry about your kids?

This mother did...

A mother couldn’t figure out for weeks why her toddler son, who used to love his daycare, kept coming home sad and not wanting to go back the next day. She considered changing his daycare. But she sought help and Annie coached her to ask her son a certain empowering question. The mother expressed her doubt that her toddler would understand the question, but Annie encouraged her to give it a try.

When the mom used that empowerment tool, to her surprise, he got it. She noticed, too, her son’s sad mood totally changed instantly, and he began talking about all the happy things that happened at daycare that day. The next day, at drop off... no difficult parting, no clinging, no tears. Later, at pickup, no down mood. The mother texted Annie: “That is such a magical tool!”

Well, that magical tool also turned these situations around…

  • A frantic teenager yells, “I need new friends!” and tells her mom why. The mother used that same magical tool and her daughter’s shoulders relaxed and she gratefully said, “Thanks Mom. I love you.”
  • A 12 year old boy's angry outbursts in school, the last one included him throwing a chair against the classroom wall - got him kicked out of the school. When Annie used that magical tool with him, relief washed over him, and he gave Annie a big hug. His mom enrolled her happy tween at a new school. Anger issue — a thing of the past.
  • A 20 year old scuba diver began having a panic attack during a night dive, but then remembered the magical tool and used it herself. She called her mom afterward and said, “It’s my favorite of all the tools you’ve taught me.”
  • A mother felt pain in her shoulder, and it disappeared when her son reminded her to use that magical tool.
  • A 17 year old girl cut classes for weeks to secretly drink away her angst. Within seconds of experiencing the magical tool, the darkness that plagued her dissolved. She stopped drinking and a month later, the teenager’s mother supported her choice to take the GED and go to community college, which she thought her mother would never go for.

Knowing this magical tool alone is gold for changing some big stresses in your life and your kid’s life.

It’s Simple. Quick. Easy.

It’s just one empowering tool you’ll learn in the ABCs for Empowering Kids™.

We know parenting presents many different challenges. Which of these do you find challenging (and tiring)?

  • Bedtime and nap time
  • Mealtime
  • Screentime
  • Addiction to electronics
  • Potty training
  • Homework
  • Toddler meltdowns
  • Teenage mood swings
  • Power struggles
  • Social Media
  • Dislike of school
  • Drugs at parties
  • Siblings hitting one each other
  • Needy kids - especially when you're on the phone!
  • Lack of Me-Time (without parent guilt) so that you can show up for your kids
  • Being present with your kids while juggling life
  • Knowing that your kid is always safe
  • Peer pressure
  • Knowing what to say to your child when self doubt and self sabotage show up
  • Being able to separate out your negative emotions and triggers when interacting with kids
  • Handling food intolerances and chronic illness with others who don't get it
  • Having discord with spouse regarding raising your children
  • Sleep deprivation

We know what it’s like being drained from your kids’ intense feelings and juggling their needs and schedules or worried about their choices. We’ve been through and know the frustrations that come with toddler tantrums, the teenager sassy talk or withdrawn silence, expectations unfulfilled, and oh, your lack of Me-Time.

If you don’t like seeing your kid in distress, but you know struggles are part of life and want to empower your child to handle them with ease and confidence rather than depend on you to bulldoze those struggles out of their way, this course is for you.

If you’re tired of the demands and disrespect that your kids (or you) dish out, this course is for you.

If you’re willing to explore different ways of communicating with your kids so that you get cooperation and connection, this course is for you.

How can you handle your moments of exhaustion and worry and doubt that you’re doing the right thing for your kid when all you really wish for is peace of mind that they’re happy and safe and getting the best out of life?

Use the ABCs for Empowering Kids.

How is this different from the mainstream parenting programs?

With the ABCs, we show you how to uncover, access, and trust your awareness of what you truly know and what your child actually knows regarding the root of a problem or what is required to create something different for your child.

Awareness is empowering!

Let’s face it, every family is different. Every mother and every child is different. What works for one child, doesn't work for another. What works for one family doesn’t work for another. What causes anger for one person might not cause anger in another. If trying to figure it all out is exhausting, give the ABCs a try.

During this course adventure, you're going to….

  • Eliminate what prevents you from using the ABCs to empower kids
  • Change your pattern of reacting to the child's disruptive, disrespectful, and inappropriate behavior
  • Learn different and effective ways of communicating with your kids
  • Receive real life examples of the ABCs so you can start applying them even before the course is completed
  • Practice using the ABCs within the course... as well as in between the three sessions.
  • Experience increased confidence, both you and the kids
  • Enjoy being with kids in a way you never thought possible

Each week of this 3 week course, Empowerment Coaches Annie Chin Taylor, M.Ed and Mary Dravis-Parrish, author of Empowered Parents Empowering Kids, will introduce a new element that will build on the one from the week before. You'll get insights, tools, examples, and short exercises that will allow you to apply the key elements immediately and easily.

Here's what you have to look forward to...


You’re going to learn...

  • Praising or punishing your kids can backfire. You’ll learn a different approach that will build your child’s confidence.
  • Using Empowering Element A will reduce the amount of energy that parenting requires, giving you more vital energy to enjoy your children.
  • A tool that removes resistance and creates more ease in applying Element A.
  • 3 different ways to deliver Element A to kids, which gives you more options
  • How to awaken an ability that you never knew you had and use it to empower your child.


You’re going to get...

  • Six practical and fun reasons to apply Empowering Element B
  • That magical tool that every parent should know (and use) as soon as they know they’re becoming parents
  • 13 “B” Prompts that can transform worry, anger, exasperation, and eye-rolling situations for both you and your kid so that any situation is confidently handled with everyone feeling honored and respected


You’re going to…

  • Apply Empowering Element C to remove your confusion and frustration with how to respond to your child.
  • Free yourself to parent in a way that works for your family instead of comparing yourself to other parents and coming up short
  • Let go of any judgments of your past parenting situations so that they don’t affect how you’d like to parent today and tomorrow
  • Learn how to change the source of parenting stress so that you’re empowered to change any situation for the better
  • Learn a simple tool for when you wish you could do a Do-Over with your kid… so that you can!
  • Be able to guide your child to make decisions that support them

Included in this course is a manual, supportive and encouraging emails from Mary and Annie, and A SPECIAL BONUS, a 30 minute personal phone call with either Annie or Mary. (Instructions to schedule your session will be included once you enroll).

Adults who have taken this class have enjoyed the results after applying the ABCs. Check this out.

What participants have said about the course...

"Before the program, I struggled with what to do during temper tantrums & behaviors with my two-year old. I questioned if I was being a "good" or "bad" parent. Like a lot of parents, I had a lot of doubts and uncertainty. After the program I felt empowered. Feeling this way, therefore, helped me to empower my son as well. My confidence level has increased and I'm stepping into my own special authenticity as a parent. I'm also allowing my son to develop his own brand of authenticity which looks quite different than mine. This has allowed me to avoid anger, and instead create greater understanding between us both. This is a parenting class that provides something different that actually works. The best part is that I will be able to use the ABC skills with my child for a lifetime."

~ Amanda Finch, Colorado

"My hope as a parent was that my child did not have to go through what I had experienced as a child and I wanted more choices for my child. The course was excellent. I have been awakened to new choices that I can make that will benefit us all as a family versus the benefit of the baby only. We have been using the tools that we were given on a daily basis in order to utilize them fully. After taking the course I have been more aware and present with our infant son and we have opened up more communication between our family unit. We plan on using these techniques throughout our lives and help our son to continue his use of these skills. I highly recommend this course to new parents and parents of adult children, it's never too late to make life easier. Thank you both so much for these tools Mary and Annie!"

~ Reuben P, New Mexico


As a seasoned teacher, I see the benefits of using the "ABCs for Empowering Kids" in the classroom. Here’s a breakthrough I had with one student. He was disrupting and distracting the class and saying how bored he was. I applied the ABCs and he became more focused and stopped distracting others! The first element in the course showed me how to respond differently with my students and how to connect them to what they know; building their confidence. These tools provide a shift that allows change to occur. I have been more empowered by this course and look forward to continuing to apply the elements of the ABCs.

~ Susan N., Wisconsin

Your Instructor(s)

Annie Chin Taylor and Mary Dravis-Parrish
Annie Chin Taylor and Mary Dravis-Parrish

Annie Chin Taylor , M.Ed., CBF, and CFMW, enjoys facilitating new possibilities and change for both children and adults seeking something different in their lives. After a career as an elementary school teacher and homeschooling her two children for a few years, her exploration to heal an autoimmune disease opened a new path for her as an Empowerment Coach. During the past 13 years, Annie has taught and used simple, pragmatic tools, exercises, and techniques with clients of all ages, in her classes, and during presentations to schools, conferences, youth groups, worksites, and community centers, so that they can unravel emotional patterns and move beyond their limitations. Her target is to empower individuals to create lives that inspire them by uncovering and acknowledging the unique gift that they are to the world. Annie's thrilled to bring ABCs for Empowering Kids™ into the world so more adults desiring to empower kids can benefit from this work.

Mary Dravis-Parrish, CBF, CFMW, Parent Whisperer, Author of Empowered Parents Empowering Kids, speaker and radio host of Be You Parenting on Inspired Choices Network and parent, knows very well the struggles in raising today's children. She brings 18 years teaching kids with special needs, 13 years in private practice working with children and families as tutor, coach and support, 9 years with Facilitation certification in empowered living skills as well as her extensive parenting experience as a teen parent, single parent, co-parent, step parent, grandparent and grieving parent. Mary has presented to various groups and conferences her Be You Parenting™ program that offers tools and strategies for empowered family living, and is now delighted to bring the ABCs for Empowering Kids™ to adults everywhere. Parents around the world have become more empowered through the most difficult of situations using these tips, tools and strategies.

Course Curriculum

  WELCOME to the ABCs for Empowering Kids!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  SESSION 1 | A of the ABCs for Empowering Kids
Available in days
days after you enroll
  SESSION 2 | B of the ABCs for Empowering Kids
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  SESSION 3 | C of the ABCs for Empowering Kids
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now! The first session is accessible immediately, with a new session accessible each week after. All three sessions and materials will be accessible 15 days after enrolling. After enrollment, you have 30 days to contact Mary and Annie using the provided email address in the course to schedule your 30 minute personal empowerment call.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - on any and all devices you own. You are encouraged to use the course materials as a continuing resource for the rest of your life! As for the 30 minute empowerment call with either Annie or Mary, you must contact them within 30 days after the enrollment date to schedule your personal call. Instructions for arranging the call are inside the course.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We want this program to contribute to you and the children in your life! If after viewing Session 1 Video and completing Session 1 Course Manual, and you feel that the program is not for you, we will give you a full refund. No refunds once Session 2 is accessible. The 30 minute empowerment call is only for participants who stay enrolled for all three sessions.

What will life be like if you use the ABCs to empower kids?

Imagine saying to yourself one day in the near future, "Yep, my kids, no matter what, will be okay. They've got tools to handle whatever comes their way, and to create change when they want it."

Are you ready to empower your kids? If that's a "Yes", then let's get started! We're here for you. Enroll now in ABCs for Empowering Kids™.

We look forward to working with you!

Annie & Mary

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